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So what does it have to do with your wedding?

 Wedding consultants, designers, rental experts and other wedding professionals all take their color trend cues from Pantone. The Color of the Year not only signals a colorful message about where the experts see our society, but is a big signal for designers of all kinds on what colors will be super hot in the coming years. Very Peri will no doubt be a top-trending wedding color for a few years. And so will colors that pop and complement this sultry yet sweet shade of blue. We immediately imagine Very Peri alongside mossy greens, blush pinks and gentle lilacs. The Color of the Year can also pop for summer when paired with flamingo pink or sunny yellows. This shade of periwinkle may easily evoke spring and summer vibes, but with the right palette it works equally well in the fall and winter. Evoke autumn vibes by making Very Peri an accent color with deeper tones. Think rich elderberry or forest green. Achieve the winter wonderland theme with posh sophistication with Very Peri. Pair the color with slate gray and rose for a twist on a winter look.

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